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Rules for Rebels

The Science of Victory in Militant History

Oxford University Press  
US – Oct 2018/UK- Sep 2018


Ever wonder why militant groups behave as they do? For instance, why did Al Qaeda attack the World Trade Center whereas the African National Congress tried to avoid civilian bloodshed? Why does Islamic State brag over social media about its gory attacks, while Hezbollah denies responsibility or even apologizes for its carnage?

This book shows that militant group behavior depends on the strategic intelligence of the leaders. The author has extensively studied the political plights of hundreds of militant groups throughout world history and reveals that successful militant leaders have followed three rules. These rules are based on original insights from the fields of political science, psychology, criminology, economics, management, marketing, communication, and sociology.

It turns out there’s a science to victory in militant history. But even rebels must follow rules.

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